Hi, this is a letter from Matheas.  It is rare that I send an email out to everyone I know.  I reserve it for the most extreme cases, which impact upon us all.  This is one of those times.

There are 3 topics covered here: Critical news concerning Mad Cow Disease, Electronic Voting Systems Fraud, and Circumcision.

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    "The second [the USDA inspector] told me that..., my whole life flashed before my eyes, and I'm not kidding.  My heart started pounding, my face turned red, my ears were burning, because I knew exactly what happened.  By saying they're not gonna kill any more downers, what they did was stop all testing."

"They will not test because they cannot afford to find another cow....  One cow is a scare, two is an epidemic."

"The cow dies, the chicken eats the cow.  The chicken dies, the cow eats the chicken."

If I wanted to kill millions of people with BSE [Mad Cow disease], I would do exactly what they're doing."

"Remember HIV?  First, there were 10 people.  Then there were 10,000 people.  Now there are 10 million people....  You can stop having unprotected sex, you can stop getting transfusions, but you can't quit eating."

"I figure I'm a dead man [from slaughtering the cow(s) with BSE]...  Now I've only got X amount of time to get this took care of, then I'm gonna get sick and die; I already know this..."


    These are the words of Dave Louthan, the man who killed America's "Mad Cow".  Read on for shocking information and highlights from a man now on a crusade to prevent any as many human deaths as possible resulting from America's cattle industry.

Below is a link to an audio web broadcast interview with Dan Louthan from Whitley Strieber's Dreamland program, broadcast from his Unknown Country website.  The interview is shocking.  I wrote down most of the highlights from the show below in case you don't have time to listen to it.  Whitley Strieber's Dreamland program has no advertisers -- it's entirely subscriber- and donation-supported so all the info is uncensored and free of mainstream baggage, so you'll hear more on this interview than you will elsewhere.  You may consider making a donation to Dave Louthan and/or Whitley Strieber at their respective websites.

The rest of this letter continues beneath the horizontal line.  You may listen to the entire interview at the link below and skip to the rest of my letter, or read my transcripted highlights beneath the link.

Please listen to Dan Louthan's shocking audio interview:
(Probably available until around March 12 or 13, 2004.)
If not available, mirrored here.

Background:  You may remember in the news that the USDA had discovered a cow which had Mad Cow Disease, and that they couldn't recall the beef because they weren't sure where it had gone, but not to worry, it's probably safe anyway.  And besides, it was a "downer" cow and as a result, the USDA was making the slaughter of downer cows illegal.  And besides, the cow which was infected was older than originally thought, so was alive before the USDA "restrictions" on feeding livestock animal products, so the newer cows are probably safe.  By the end of this interview, you'll see why all of those statements were boldfaced lies and why your life may be in jeopardy.

Dave Louthan interview quotes & notes:

-  "A cow came in, a good-walking cow -- we don't get too many good-walking cows at Vern's [Vern's Moses Lake Meats, a slaughterhouse] -- we do 'downer cows' -- really sick, really tore-up cows, they're generally a mess, but this cow was up, and whenever we get a nice cown in, I go, 'Hey, a nice cow....'  So... she was a walking cow, she was in with a bunch of down-cows....  So I killed a down[ed] cow, there was a crippled cow after that cow, and then got to this walking cow.  Now this [good-walking cow] was a little agitated in this trailer; when I first saw it, it looked all right, it was kind of kind-eyed, but the driver was poking at it with a hot-shot, he wanted it to get off his trailer, and it wasn't going to make that step down; it was gonna turn around, run back over him, and trample over him down... it wasn't gonna go anywhere outside the trailer -- it didn't want to turn around.  It saw what was going on and was wise to us. [Matheas's note: Clearly this was not a downer cow.]
    "So I shot this cow out of turn.  Usually we'll do all the downers first, and then we'll do the walkers -- [but] I shot this cow out of turn to save us all a lot of trouble, went back into the building, [and] didn't say nothing 'bout it.  Two weeks later it comes back positive for BSE [Bovine Spongioform Encephalopathy -- "spongy brain" or "Mad Cow"].  I asked which one it was, [but] the USDA was being hush-mouthed about it.  I couldn't find out.  I kept working on the inspector, and finally the inspector said, "Well, it was a Sonny Dean cow."  As soon as he said it was a Sonny Dean cow, I knew exactly which cow he was talking about... I ran upstairs and looked at the kill sheet for that day, third cow off that trailer, I said, 'Man, I knew it was that cow'... this was December 26th that I finally learned which cow it was.
    "The [USDA] inspector comes out and say, 'The USDA says we're not gonna kill any more downers -- the USDA says no more downers'.  I said, 'Why?'  He says, 'Well, if we don't kill any more downers, we're not gonna get any more Mad Cows.'  I said, 'You know, that's crap!  This cow wasn't even a downer.  First of all, Mad Cows are not downers.  They're up -- they're wild -- they run around -- that's why they call them Mad Cows -- 'cause they're up smashing the place up!  If they was layin' there being calm, they'd call them 'calm cows' -- but they're not -- they're mad cows.
    "The second he told me that ('the USDA said we're not gonna kill any more downers and that's gonna take care of the problem'), my whole life flashed before my eyes, and I'm not kidding.  My heart started pounding, my face turned red, my ears were burning, because I knew exactly what happened.  By saying they're not gonna kill any more downers, what they did was stop all testing."

-  The "Mad Cow" was only the 83rd cow Vern's Meats had tested.  That's about 1-2 months worth, I estimate from the broadcast, because the Mad Cow was killed 2 weeks before Chrismas.

-  Dave Louthan goes into greater detail of why that cow ordinarily wouldn't have been tested at all.  They were only testing downers, and downers went into the slaughterhouse at a different location due to the fact that they couldn't walk.  Vern's Meats specialized in processing downed cows, which made up the majority of their business.  [Matheas's note: these types of rendering plants have been exposed recently, as there is a lot of money to be made in downer cows, as they can be bought for as little as $5, then processed and sold as regular beef.  Downer cows are unable to stand, being sick, injured, dead or dying.]  See here for some graphic photos of some downer cows on Louthan's own website.  These end up in the mainstream food supply.  Testing is so slow in the US that even if something were found, it wouldn't do any good.

-  Under ordinary circumstances, that cow never would have been tested.  This backwards testing method of the USDA appears to be deliberate, as they obviously know that the vast majority of mad cows can still walk.  In fact, most cattle with BSE are too young to display symptoms at all.  But it can be detected, as a cow just 20 months old was found to be infected elsewhere in the world (where they actually test).  [Note: The USDA told us not to worry, because the "Mad Cow" was older than their slight restrictions on feed, but then did not try to secure the destruction of all cows older than their mandate, which are still being slaughtered for food, as this one was.  These older cows are primarily milkers and are still entering the food supply.  The younger ones shouldn't be considered significantly safer, though, as you can still feed animal by-products to cattle, as long as they're not cattle parts.]

-  USDA had a program to test for Mad Cows "for years", but the truth behind it was that "they didn't use it" [the program] and they "never took" any brain samples.  Louthan did not know why they started in October.  Louthan thinks the reason they waited so long to even start testing was that they "had stalled on the program as long as they could."   It's hard to believe, but even through the whole Mad Cow disaster in the U.K., the U.S. wasn't testing -- not until a few months ago, and Vern's Meats got one on its 83rd cow, and that was by "accident".  Since this discovery, all testing has now been STOPPED again, indefinitely.  So the U.S. only even tested at all for BSE for around 2 months, and then only tested some "downers" which were almost guaranteed to not be mad cows.

-  The Agricultural department released a statement on 2004 Feb 16 that it was ending its search for any more cattle infected by BSE.  Dave responded to that release by saying that cattle ranchers had cut the ear tags off the cattle and torn up the paperwork for their cows so that, once sold and/or slaughtered, no cows could be traced back to their dairy or ranch, to avoid financial ruin.  [Note: The USDA may have found more Mad Cows in the days between December 24th and February 16, but if so, were probably unable to trace the cow so likely wouldn't have said anything.]

-  Dave Louthan described multiple instances of killing cows with "shaky head, queer behavior... acting funny" which "were starting to be more common..." The vet would say, "well, it's probably got a neck injury or whatnot"... The USDA would "take the brains, and we'd never hear anything about it. ...  I think the only reason we heard about this one, from what the inspector told me, is that one of the
technicians in the lab in Iowa leaked it to the press... otherwise I think we never would have known about that cow."

    "Plus, if I would've run that cow around under the roof instead of taking it in with the downers, it wouldn't've got tested -- 'cause we were only testing downers -- but because I killed that cow outside the back door there, that technically made it a suspect, and I [had it] tested... because they gave us $10 a sample [reimbursement for the brain], which is a pretty good deal."

-  Absolutely no testing for BSE is done anymore in this country since the first case of Mad Cow was discovered -- it all stopped at that time, with the rationale that since no more downer cows would be slaughtered for human consumption, that testing is no longer necessary.

- Even though Dave has killed 9,500 cattle and loves eating meat, having a heavily rural American cultural background, Dave no longer does eat meat, and would only consider eating Japanese beef, where every cow is tested for BSE, and was hoping that some Japanese people coming to interview him would bring him some meat, because he joked that he's "starving over here".  Until the package of meat says, "this meat tested for BSE", that it's to be considered "bad".  See Dave's website above for info on how every cow is sawed in half through the spinal cord "the long way", with spinal cord debris and blood washing over the entire carcass.  A saw blade which cuts through a BSE-infected cow infects every single carcass after it for the entire day, and if not cleaned properly, infects every other carcass the next day, too, and so on.  A local butcher who cuts a piece of BSE-infected meat also infects every other piece of meat after that in like manner.

-  "They will not test because they cannot afford to find another cow.  They would rather kill you make a profit than take care of this profit.  One cow is a scare, two is an epidemic."  Dave predicts on his website that this will lead to the downfall of small ranchers as other countries and our own people continue to boycott our meat in response to the USDA's inaction.  This will lead to the beef industry ultimately being controlled by "Big Beef".  Once the small ranchers are out of business and beef is controlled by large companies, Dave believes that testing will start on a limited scale, enough to keep Big Beef in business, but with Big Beef and the USDA in collusion with each other to control the really bad news.

-  "I figure I'm a dead man [from killing infected cattle]...  Now I've only got X amount of time to get this took care of, then I'm gonna get sick and die; I already know this -- I'm a realist.  I know.  I've got that cow all over me and God knows how many other ones.  They've got no plans to take care of [protect] the workers.  They're gonna have to get some kind of fire hazard suits to work in.  Me, I'm already done, I already know that, I'm a realist."

-  "If anything, the USDA is doing everything possible spread the disease..  If I wanted to kill millions of people with BSE, I would do exactly what they're doing."

-  The "first" counseling committe to the USDA forecasted that if limited testing were done for BSE [it's not done now at all anymore -- see above], that about 17 cows a month would be discovered.  The meat industry "went ballistic", the USDA fired the entire committe and formed a new committe of ranchers, renderering company owners, one of the guys on the committee works for McDonald's...  I'll send you the names if you want, but it's on the news anyway."

-  "I've been in front of the Legislature, I've done everything I can to get them to start testing this beef.  They haven't taken a single test since they found that BSE -- they have not taken a single test in this country anywhere.  I can prove that -- this easy:
"They were only testing downers.  Now, they've outlawed downers.  Therefore, they're not testing anywhere.  They do not want to find another one."
Q:  But they must know that downers aren't the problem.
A:  "They do know!  That was just a big whitewash.  Big Beef does not want to find another one-- they can't.  What they're counting on is that America's going to see this problem, and think about it for 2 seconds, and then think about something else."

-  When [people] actually do start dying, it takes 5 years, it takes 7 years, whoever's president then is going to blame it [on the previous administration saying,] 'Well, that's the previous administration that did that."

-  Dave talked about the disease spreading through surgical instruments and blood transfusions, and infected cooking tools until the disease is possibly no longer primarily spread by meat.

-  Q:  The USDA is aware of this on some level?  They must be?
A:  "They [the USDA] are completely, 100% aware of it.  I have told them people loud and long.  The USDA are the same people that are the people that are the Big Beef -- they're the slaughterers, they're the ranchers.  The USDA isn't a separate group.  That IS ranchers.  Ann Veneman [head of the USDA] was a beef lobbyist, so she got this job!  And as soon as she loses this job, she's going to go back to being a beef lobbyist.  [Ann Veneman] probably eats beef.  But here's the deal.  She gets it [hers] tested.  You can believe that."

-  "That's all they have to do, is start testing the beef.  In Europe, the tests takes 1 day.  Here, it takes 2 weeks.  It [really just] takes 2 seconds.  You take a teaspoon, you dip a little brain out of a hole in the back of the head, you put a tag on it that identifies it, put it in a bag, and put it on a hook.  At the end of the day, the inspector comes along, sends it to the lab.  At the end of the day, it comes back whether it's positive or negative, that meat is safe...  It wouldn't be any problem at all to kill the cow, put it in the cooler, the test comes back in the morning, then they can start cutting and shipping on it.  It wouldn't be any problem at all.  It's just a little slaughter procedure.  In slaughtering cows, there's a hundred different things you gotta to do anyway.  We've been taking blood out of these cows -- every breeding-age cow we slaughter, we take blood out, and test for brucilosis [sp?].  So it's not like testing is anything new, because we test every cow for brucilosis!
    "They won't do it -- and not because it's anything hard -- they won't do it because they're afraid they're going to find another one.  We'll they're going to find another one -- lots of other ones.  Then they're gonna have to explain to people why they let all these bad cows through, and why their kids are dying."

-  Louthan explained that when the USDA began forbidding the feeding of cattle parts back to cattle, this actually did not include blood and gelatin.  And the USDA did not forbid the feeding of cattle parts to chickens, pigs, goats, or being put in pet food.  So these food animals [chickens and pigs] are eating cattle brains and by-products, and are getting shipped to the same rendering plants which process the cattle, often in the same truck, so "it's just a big circle".  "The cow dies, the chicken eats the cow.  The chicken dies, the cow eats the chicken."  The disease is an unnatural thing which occurs because of the "big circle".

-  "Remember HIV?  First, there were 10 people.  Then there were 10,000 people.  Now there are 10 million people.  It's the same thing.  Except that it's gonna be worse, because you're not gonna be able to do anything about it.  You can stop having unprotected sex, you can stop getting transfusions, but you can't quit eating.  People are going to eat vegetarian for about a week, then say, 'I'm still hungry,' and they're going to go right back to eating meat."  He says that government is about "protecting big business".

-  Louthan said that he read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" when he was in school, and that "It hasn't  changed a single bit since then.  We're still dragging the cows in by chains"  [You can see pictures of downed cows this on his website -- there are 2 pages.]

-  BSE is a "disease of cannibals".  It was first noticed in the early 1900s in the cannibals of New Gineau, from eating brains.  Dave called what was happening now "bovine cannibalism".

-  The USDA's smokescreen that they're not allowing the feeding of "animal protein" back to vegetarian animals "is a lie, of course", said Louthan.  "If they don't feed it [back to animals] -- if they quit using animals for feed -- they're stuck with the big problem of, 'Now, what do we do with the guts?'.  And I don't have an answer to that.  If they don't use it for feed, they don't have anywhere to put it.  It was a problem which took care of itself.  You had all these leftovers from butchering these animals, and they said, 'Hey, we'll just feed it back into 'em.'  But now, if you don't feed it back into 'em, what do you do with it?"
Q:  Well, couldn't you just discard it?
A:  "Where would you discard it to?"
Q:  I don't know, actually.
A:  "That's what they said.  They don't want to go there.  They're gonna have to go there, but they don't want to.  Landfill?  It's a big problem for them.
Q:  So it would be an additional expense for them?
A:  "Yes.  That would bite right into that profit, and they'd rather that you died than you got to bite into their profit, 'cause that's the way they are."
Q:  Well, I don't think they care -- I think it's like the cigarette industry, which knew for years they knew how dangerous their product was, and they lied and lied and lied; or like the automotive industry -- with one case after another with defective cars -- from the Corvair, the Pinto, to what goes on today.  They always lie, and then they get caught -- and then they have to pay millions more than they would have had to pay if had they been honest in the first place.
A:  "But these people make billions and billions, so millions are just an average cost of doing business."
Q:  But you're talking about something which could really effectively destroy our country.
A:  "Oh yeah, oh yeah....  Because if we get all these prions in all of the meat, all of the living protein parts of the food chain in the United Staes, we're in horrible trouble....  Well, it may be too late now.  I don't know.  But I'd at least like to see 'em try to do something.  I don't know how many bad cows are out there -- neither do they -- neither do you, or anybody else."

-  Dave Loutham's bottom-line message is simply this:  "Don't eat the meat -- it's bad, there's something wrong with it.  If it's spoiled, you wouldn't eat it.  If it's spoiled, don't eat it!  You gotta hit these people in the pocketbook, or nothing's gonna happen.  But you know what the internet's gonna do?  You know this thing when something happens, the government steps up, lies, and then steps back, and everybody buys it... the internet's gonna end all that, because now we can all talk to each other, and say, 'did you hear that?'.  I tell you what: the internet's going to clean this government up.  You know like Orwell thought that computers were gonna make the government strong and the people weak?  It's the other way around.  If there hadn't been no internet, I would've squawked in the front yard for a few minutes, and that would've been it.  Now I talk to hundreds of reporters, all kinds of radio stations, television stations, I've been in front of the Senate, I'm going back to Washington, D.C. some time around March 3, I'm going to walk up to the front door of the White House, and I'm gonna say, 'I wanna talk to George W. Bush', and I'm gonna have about a hundred reporters with me."

-  Loutham has been harassed and intimiated by the USDA as mentioned on his website, but did not dwell on it during the interview.

- "You don't know whether the chicken is safe, because the chickens are eating the beef -- you don't know which meat is safe.  There isn't any safe meat.  Until they start doing something about it, I guess we're going to be eating celery and peanut butter.  It's not necessary.  But if you've got meat in your freezer right now, go out and throw it in the trash -- don't give it to your dog, it'll make him sick.  Go out and throw it in the trash, don't eat it -- it's bad."

- "I intend to be relentless until I get something done."

At the end of the interview, it is impossible to not wonder that Dave Louther's conscience has everything to do with his crusade, knowing that he was, in a way, the one who killed and sent a BSE-infected cow into a food chain, and that he, at least indirectly, has undoubtedly played a role in the future untimely deaths of at least several people, and it seems that knowing that some of these will be children seems to tear him up the most.  He did come right out and say that he believes BSE will be the cause of of his own death, in the human form being CJD.

http://home.comcast.net/~maddddcow/updates.htm  (Conspiracy of the cattle industry/USDA)
http://home.comcast.net/~maddddcow/alittlehelp.htm  (Personal update)
http://home.comcast.net/~maddddcow/updates021204.htm  (Update including modern
slaughtering/packing method)
http://home.comcast.net/~maddddcow/update020904.htm  (Events leading up to Loutham losing his
job & being harrassed by the USDA)

Whitley Strieber's website's articles on this issue:

Hi... My Name is...
This is Dave Louthan -- the guy who slaughtered the Mad Cow.  He's slaughtered 9,500 cattle in his career "by hand, the old-fashioned way".  He worked for Vern's Moses Lake Meats where the Mad Cow was slaughtered on Dec 24, 2003, just a couple months ago.  He's blown the lid off of the whole Mad Cow thing, and lost his job in the process.  He was apparently fired for walking out to a local news van which had been locked out of the company's property the day after Christmas, immediately after the company told all the employees that no more downer cows would be slaughtered.  The reason he was furious is because that eliminated what minimal testing there already was, and nothing was going to be done otherwise.  He was furious because the "Mad Cow" he slaughtered actually wasn't a downer.  It was a "good walker" and was only slaughtered with the downer cows because the cow saw what was going on and refused to get out, so they killed it there with the downers.  ONLY downer cows were tested by the USDA, and now the USDA does not test for Mad Cow at all, because they no longer allow the slaughter of downer cows.  This is apparently to AVOID Mad Cow detection, because Mad Cows can almost always still walk, they're just crazy.  So obviously Mad Cows are never tested for BSE.

Japan tests EVERY cow and has eight confirmed cases so far:

Almost-Homeless Crusader
Dave Louthan is has now lost his home and is now living on a little over a hundred dollars a week in unemployment, is trying to mount an information crusade about slaughtering and testing, knowing that he is at least part of the key to saving at least a few peoples' lives.  Please check out his small do-it-yourself website which is hosted off of a consumer ISP account.  He has received a grand total of $251 in donations so far.  There are only about 10 pages on his website; they are short and full of information.  No one has cleaned up his rural speech style or even his typos, but the information you get on this page may save your and my life.  I put what I thought were the most important pages below the url to his main page.

I myself watched a high-level USDA employee testify to what I remember being a congressional inquiry panel on C-SPAN say that the meat from the 'Mad Cow' was still "probably safe", because people only eat the muscle tissue of cows, and the BSE prion which causes Mad Cow disease only lives in nervous and connective tissue.  Well, anyone who's ever been punched knows that there are plenty of nerves in muscle tissue.  And many meats and soups contain connective tissue.  Loutham displays on his website that even meats which aren't supposed to often do.  And when you read the links below, you will quickly discover much beyond that.  Below is the main site and my suggestions as to the most important pages to look at.  Nevertheless, the site is small, and doesn't take more than a few minutes to fully read.

Audio Interview with Dr. Giuseppe Legname at UCSF,
Leading Reseacher into BSE/Mad Cow Disease/CJD:
He & his family no longer consumes meat;
discusses what is understood to be safe, unsafe, & unknown.

(From February 21, 2004, will be availab until around mid-March.)

The interview with Legname starts at 1 hour 4 minutes into the broadcast (you may skip ahead) and the interview runs about 24 minutes.  The interview was done by leading edge reporter Linda Moulton Howe whose website is earthfiles.com, and the interview was broadcast on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland radio program and streamed through his unknowncountry.com website.

One thing Giuseppe Legname mentions in this interview is that the BSE prion is not killed by things which would normally kill a bacterium or virus (i.e. high heat).  Not even heat high enough to melt metal will reliably kill the prions, amazingly.  Only "extreme pH" (such as strong solutions of bleach or lye) is known to kill it.  So contaminated food cannot be "cleaned" or "washed" from the BSE prion, because as Doctor Legname puts it, "you wouldn't put bleach on your steak for prion deactivation".

What's worse, Legname has just found that BSE is apparently transmissible between living cattle, which could means that even "organic" meat from animals raised on a vegetarian diet cannot be guaranteed to be safe.  This is supported by the fact that a Mad Cow like disease is spreading through wild North American deer and elk herds, who are not cannibals.  The prion is apparently spread by nose-touching.  Though few Americans have officially died from bovine CJD, numerous Americans, mostly hunters, have died from "Chronic Wasting Disease", which is virtually identical, from eating infected deer and elk.

Dr. Legname also contradicts the USDA by saying that the deadly prions have been found in Mad Cow infected muscle tissue, which is the meat which humans eat.  Recently, a human CJD patient died, and researchers examined the patient's muscle tissue and found "detectable amounts of prions" in much of the skeletal muscle tissue, not only in the brain or spinal cord.  Dr. Legname discusses dairy, dicalcium phosphate.  A very important interview.


If you're thinking about going vegetarian...

If this email prompts anyone to become vegetarian or vegan, I feel it is my responsibility to impart my
knowledge concerning how to go about doing this.  If done improperly, a vegetarian or vegan diet
could be as unsafe as eating mainstream meat, and I know this now better than before.

B Vitamins
Please be aware that getting B vitamins will become a critical matter.  B vitamins play an essential role in critical nervous and metabolic processes.  Without them, nerves can demyelenate (lose their fatty insulators), and other nutrients cannot be utilized.  In other words, cellular integrity can disintegrate, potentially to death.  Not getting enough protein is an overblown concern about vegetarianism bordering on myth; most Americans actually get far too much protein.  The biggest problem in my opinion and experience is B vitamins, which, unlike the mythical essential amino acids which can supposedly only be gotten from meat (but which are available in common non-meat foods), certain B vitamins truly cannot be synthesized in the body and are not found in high quantities in most vegetables.  B vitamins come primarily from microbes such as yeast which reside in small quantities in vegetal matter.  Vegetarian animals eat a lot of raw vegetal matter, and this is where they get their B vitamins.  Meat-eating animals, including humans, subsequently get all or most of their B vitamins from these animals' cells.  It is possible to get complete B nutrition from a vegetarian diet.  However, it is easy to screw up.

In a way, the worst part is that it is impossible to know whether you're getting enough B vitamins until it is too late.  The liver stores roughly a year or two's worth of B vitamins (give or take).  Nature obviously designed this for crises, today it arguably works against us, because when these are gone, it is very bad news and difficult to diagnose, and even more difficult to tell beforehand.

This problem is compounded by the fact that nutritional supplements ubiquitously use an unnatural, cyanide-based (yes, that's right -- cyanide-based) form of B12 in their vitamins.  It's called cyanocobalamin, and you can see it on basically every multivitamin you look at, and even in nutritionally-"fortified" foods like many prepared breakfast cereals (look towards the end of the ingredients).  Most peoples' livers can metabolize the (unnatural) cyanocobalamin into (naturally-occuring and usable) methylcobalamin and excrete the cyanide through urine.  However, it is known to be inappropriate for babies, and certain people have an allergy to it, or even develop an allergy to it during the course of its use.  The allergy can progressively worsen to critical levels.  Also, it is believed by many that unnatural vitamins can unbalance the natural vitamins in body.

This is not a commercial advertisement for any product, but after struggling with B vitamin deficiency myself over a course of months, and seeing improperly-practiced veganism cause chronic sickness and nearly death of a family member, I finally found a company which does only uses methylcobalamin (natural B12) and not unnatural cynanide-based cyanocobalamin in their multivitamins and B Vitamin complex.  The products are made by NSI (Neutraceutical Sciences Institute) and are sold at a website called vitacost.com .  They have a B Complex which 3 others have been introduced-to through me, and I myself take their Ocupower 6-a-day high-antioxidant multivitamin and supplement with a B Complex if I can't manage to take 6 Ocupowers through the course of the day.  Ocupower got me out of a month-long fatigue illness where anything I did left me exhausted; it was apparently a lack of B vitamins caused by poor diet, which is semi-vegetarian.  I don't have any affiliation with them aside from the fact that the above products helped me.  I later took a quality magnesium supplement composed of magnesium-chelated amino acid, agnesium malate, and magnesium citrate (in descending order) which has taken care of the rest of the problem (it wasn't by NSI).  I now supplement with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which are also critical to maintenance of nervous tissue (i.e. your BRAIN).  Different kinds of EFAs are found in high quantities in fish, flaxseed, and borage oil.  I recommend taking both fish and flax, or a Complete EFA supplement.  I was taken those long before and they definitely made a difference, too.  I also recommend Natural Vitamin E, a fatty acid substance which also plays a role in the critical metabolic processes we're discussing here.  If you have tinnitus (ringing in the ears), unexplainable irritability, depression, or fatigue and possibly other symptoms, chances are that it is due to a lack of the above nutrients.

The Importance of Fat
Nerves and the brain are mostly fat, and I have found that Americans in particular have a backwards understanding of the nutritional aspects of fat.  Most Americans don't even consider fat to be a nutrient, which it most definitely is.  Most Americans see fat as an evil, even an unnecessary part of the diet, which alarms me.  I have never believed that there is a link between the amount of fat in one's diet and being overweight.  Since the Atkins craze, most Americans are familiar with this, too.  It's not how much fat you eat -- its's what kinds of fat you eat.  Some fats kill, some fats heal.  There's even a book essentially to that title.  Americans do not get enough of the healthy kinds of fat (natural fruit, vegetable, and seed oils [some more nutrient-rich than others], fish oil, etc.), and get far too much deadly fat (hydrogenated and non-fish meat fat).  I am neutral on dairy fat but believe dairy products are unhealthy because of the way we raise & feed milkers.  Bottom line, do your best and take good, smart supplements.

The biggest problem with meat fat is that it is solid at body temperature, plus it is carcinogenic and completely unessential.  Hydrogenated fats may even be worse, being unnatural products of the chemical industry, a process which artificially saturates vegetable oils to make them thicker and deter rancidity (it does not improve the taste, however).  Put simply, hydrogenated fat is poison, and believe it or not, the lawsuit against Oreo had some merit.  Meat and hydrogenated fats ARE the ONLY reasons Americans are overweight, I am convinced.  I lived in France for 2 years where there was no hydrogenated fat except in fast food restaurants, which nobody but the youth eat at.  Despite their thinness, the French eat more fat than most of us.  That is because people still cook most things from scratch there, use natural oils, and eat but little meat, usually it as a flavoring and not an "entrée".  There are virtually no "truly fat" people in France, except among the youth now who eat McDonald's and the junk food now becoming available over there.  It is not the smoking, the wine, or the lack of having babies which keeps them thin, either, because members of my religion do none of those things and even the mothers have very young-looking bodies.

While I'm at it, I will suggest removing chlorine from your life, including your bathing water by getting a shower filter.  Drink good water and quality juices.  Don't get acidic forms of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), but take non-acidic ascorbates which, while you're at it, will provide you with a mineral you feel you need (i.e. magnesium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, a balanced cal-mag ascorbate, or an even more balanced ascorbate which also has smaller amounts of potassium, zinc, etc. ascorbates in it).  These chelated C's are often known as Ester C but there are many different minerals which can be chelated with an ascorbate and called Ester C.  Stop using products and dental treatments with fluoride, which negatively affects the nervous system, including the brain.  Find alternatives to bovine-derived soap ("sodium tallowate" on your soap ingredients is a euphamism for "lard and lye").  Buy a juicer and use it; I recommend the Breville/Hamilton Beach "Juice Fountain" juicer.  If you can't use a juicer regularly, it's possible to buy dehydrated "green powders" primarily of dehydrated grass juices, which can be mixed with store-bought juices for palatability, or taken as capsules.

Of course, most of the capsules described above use gelatin, so we're back again to the whole issue... ugh.  Gelatin was defined as "hoofs, horns, and hides" by Howard Lyman.  Howard Lyman is the "Mad Cowboy" who sold his huge ranch and went vegan after seeing the conditions which ended up spawning Mad Cow Disease.  He was sued with Oprah by the cattle ranching industry for "defamation" revealing dirty secrets of cattle ranching, including the use of offal (waste parts) in feed.  But apparently bones are used as well.  Dicalcium phosphate also comes from animal bones, and is used in toothpaste, and human and pet foods.  Dr. Legname (see above) is currently investigated whether dicalcium phosphate can transmit BSE prions.

I've tried to discover whether gelatin can transmit BSE.  The jury is still out for me, and while I'm not very concerned about "hoofs, horns, and hides" used to make gelatin, I am worried about the use of bones, though there is no known link for any of these as of now, unlike muscle and nervous tissue.  The good news is that extreme pH (both alkali and acid) are used during the manufacture of gelatin.  Dr. Legname described "extreme pH" as the only way to kill these prions.  Whether these are extreme enough to kill BSE prions, I have yet to be convinced, but it is at least somewhat relieving.



I used to have an email list called "ThisGoodCause" which I maintained for about two years but then let lapse into inactivity.  I occasionally (maybe every other month on the average) would put out an email with a link and/or essay on a story which wasn't being covered properly -- or at all -- in the mainstream news.  The List never officially ended, but I have been recently considering starting it up again, and this letter being the de facto first issue of its new incarnation.  If you would like to be on the list for This Good Cause, but you aren't already, please let me know by email.  I rarely put anything out, and of course keep all addresses absolutely private.  You only stand to gain.  And it's absolutely free.  I often put a lot of work into them, though this is long for a typical issue -- I guess it's just been too long.

Noting that, I will take this opportunity to add something else which has been weighing on my mind...

Please Note:  I wrote this BEFORE the San Diego electronic voting scandal of March 3, 2004.
Good call, eh?  Much has transpired since then, only making the below more relevant.  If you missed it, hundreds if not thousands of San Diegans were disenfranchised on the March 3rd ballot due to numerous and varying countywide failures of the Diebold electronic voting system, which cost San Diegans $31 million.  One district race apparently had its ballot count reversed (the winner's and loser's numbers were switched during the "count", and this still has yet to be addressed.  In fact, Sally McPherson, the Registrar of Voters, has yet to realistically address any of these long delays and outright failures, downplaying everything in violation of her own mission statement.  Though restraining order lawsuits were pending before the ballot ever happened (see below), more lawsuits sure to come due to the numerous disenfranchisements, errors, malfunctions, and potential fraud which occured surrounding the Diebold computer voting system in San Diego county on March 3, 2004.  The below article should now sound prophetic to San Diegans with any political consciousness.

"... [to] Conduct Voter Registration and Voting Processes
with the Highest Level of Professional Election Standards,
Accountability, Security and Integrity,
Thereby Earning and Maintaining Public Confidence
in the Electoral Process."
- San Diego Registrar of Voters Mission Statement

The Voting Crisis is Here -- Our Democracy in Danger

These voting systems wouldn't even be approved in Iraq.  So why are they allowed here?

Electronic voting systems are potientially more threatening to our country than even terrorism.  If we cannot trust the integrity of our voting system, we have no more democracy.

Several weeks ago, I heard one of the most disturbing interviews in my life (this time it wasn't about Mad Cow).  It was Beverly Harris on the radio show "Coast to Coast AM" discussing the scam of electronic voting machines.  The host George Noory vocally noted that of all the years of his broadcast career, this was the most disturbing interview to he had ever done.  Being in the IT field, I have been particularly concerned about electronic or computer voting (or even worse, internet voting) since I have heard about it.  But it was far worse than I had ever imagined.  These computer voting systems are unbelievably easy to corrupt, rig, sabotage, or buy.  Their dismal failures have been recorded over and over again.  There have been numerous cases where votes for a candidate comes up in the negative range (?!).  Sometimes in the tens of thousands negative or positive, even if the district only has a few hundred people in it.  A main code writer for a leading company in this field (Diebold, I believe) has been convicted of fraud over 20 times (and that's only the number of times he's been caught!).

I heard a voting assistant call a local radio talk show and say that he was given full and private access to so many voting machines that they filled the bed of his pickup truck.  Then he was told to keep "his" unit in his home for 2 weeks until the election.  The code is proprietary and not open-source nor is it open to review to assure fairness, and it is definitely not "secure".  Bev Harris, herself not snowing anything about computers, was able to log into the system with the passwords which are given to voting machine operators, change the number of votes, delete the record of herself having logged in, and log out without a trace!

The company is known to delivers "patches" to the systems right before elections, which patches are not open to review by anyone, even the government.  The patches could contain pre-loaded votes, or start the voting with a positive or negative advantage/disadvantage for candidate(s).  It is impossible to know, and would be an easy and very possible way to rig an election.  There is a huge conflict of interest, because the people building these machines are doing it for-profit (and there is a lot of money involved), and the owners tend to be heavily political.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous "chad" non-event was chattered-about instead.  Ironically, as a response to that, California (stupidly) passed a ballot measure (no doubt sponsored by the makers of these voting systems) to which mandated that electronic ballot boxes be in place by a particular date.  But it turns out that there is no better system than a paper ballot.  And if you think it's difficult for elderly people to use a paper ballot, watch them use a computer and Graphical Operating System for the first time in their lives (the Diebold system is Windows-based, if you can believe it).

The touchscreen systems are an auditor's nightmare (auditing being impossible on these systems).  There is no way to verify the votes -- you just have to trust the people who own the secret code, even though the owners of these systems are some of the most political people on the planet.  One owner of a different voting system ran for state office using his company's own voting system and on the election in what was described as an "upset landslide".  The state law guaranteed the right of a hand recount to any losing candidate willing to foot the bill, which the losing candidate did, but the owner of the voting system (the losing candidate's opponent) said that a hand recound was impossible, because the voting system was electronic and automated.  So the electronic voting system owner gained the office in a scandal.

Beverly Harris Wrote a book entitled "Black Box Voting" .  Bev has done an astounding amount of research on the hundreds of dismal failures of these electronic voting machines, and those are "only" the ones which were documented.

The best way to improve the punchcard voting system (California and Florida used to use the Vote-O-Matic system (yep, that's its real name), which I was skeptical about, but quickly became a fan of) is to take a Microfilm photograph of the front & rear of each and every paper ballot -- exactly the same way checks are microfilmed.  It is inexpensive and very reliable.  Even without such a system, the paper cards are still available for verifications, recounts, or hand-counts, and are much more robust and sturdy than they were portrayed during the Florida fiasco.

The reason touchscreen voting systems have exploded was because Congress made the mistake of allocating 3 billion (that's with a B) dollars for the "development" of electronic voting systems.  So there were massive amounts of money at stake, something which should never happen in voting systems, creating a conflict of interest.  However, these voting systems which were developed and are currently being used all over the country would not pass a United States auditing program for voting in developing and newly-democratic countries!  Remember how Jimmy Carter used to go all over the globe and validate elections (I think he still may)? These voting systems wouldn't be approved in Iraq.  So why are they allowed here?

Even with electronic systems, Australia developed an open-source, Linux-based voting system with $150,000 in public moneys for a system which is reported to work quite well (versus our literally billions of dollars for systems which are corrupt and/or incapable).  The code is publically-reviewed, and there was no conflict of interest with those who developed the system.  Many have proposed that we adopt the Australian system.  Though it wouldn't touch a microfilmed paper ballot with a ten foot pole, it would beat the pants off of our electronic systems cropping up all over the U.S..

There needs to be an attack on all sides -- legislative, judicial, and grassroots.  Please consider donating to Bev Harris a little bit, even if it's minimal, to help with her legal fees.  She started as an investigative journalist but got deeper & deeper into it.  She is a true patriot.  She even making her book available online for free on her website, blackboxvoting.org .  The book "Black Box Voting" is not currently available from Amazon (may be sold out) but it is available from her publisher, or you might be able to borrow it from the library.

Bev herself has filed several restraining order lawsuits to stop the progress of these wretched electronic voting machines and has lit a grassroots effort on the Activism Forum section of her website, where you can look at the effort by state and help out.  One of these lawsuits is in California.  There have been people concerned about this in California who wanted to have paper ballots available, but my registrar of voters would not guarantee their availability, but did say that we could vote at the registrar's office on paper ballots if we wanted to.  That's what I plan to do, and if applicable, you should think about doing likewise, if you want your vote to count.  Bev had some people do some "asking around" to find out how much it would cost to "buy" an election.  The answer ranged from the tens of thousands to the millions, "depending on the complexity and the risk."  Codewriters for these systems are convicted criminals and are often foreigners, particularly Russian, Canadian, and Chinese (Hong Kong).  The United States actually nearly entered into a contract with a Saudi Arabian company, but later ditched the plan due to public outrage.

If you would like to listen to the 3-hour interview, you may to to this link below:
However, there is a $5 per month charge to use CoastToCoastAM's Streamlink audio service.  The interview is so good that it actually is probably worth the money, though you can get all the information and more in print form free off her website, if you prefer text (I prefer to listen, and it is a great interview; she's at the second hour).  Bev Harris's Coast To Coast AM bio is found here.

Electronic voting systems are potientially more threatening to our country than even terrorism.  If we cannot trust the integrity of our voting system, we have no more democracy.  If our voting systems would not even pass muster in a country struggling to emerge from dictatorship, then are we truly free?


Circumcision Hurts Children

Finally, most people who know me know that I have, in the past few years, become an anti-circumcision activist.  I decided to write an essay about it after I was horrified to learn that my own circumcision and countless other Americans' circumcisions were ostensibly done for "religious reasons", even though the parents were Christians.  My discovery was that people were not only massively ignorant of their own religion, they were somehow even more ignorant and backwards in their medical knowledge concerning circumcision.  Both arenas of ignorance typically combined to have American parents choose circumcision for their children.  I was even more aggravated to learn that a lot of LDS parents thought it was their "religion" to circumcise their children even though the LDS have more canon against circumcision than any other religion, Christian or otherwise.  So I wrote an essay entitled, "Let Him Not Be Circumcised" (a quote from Paul in the New Testament), which essay scripturally proves the invalidity of circumcision from both a mainstream Christian as well as LDS perspective.

I went one further in posting an essay entitled, "The Case Against Circumcision", written by Dr. Paul Fleiss, M.D., who used to perform circumcisions himself, but is now an anti-circumcision activist.  It remains the best singular medical-perspective essay I have ever read on why parents shouldn't circumcise their children.

Nevertheless, in my years of studying circumcision and its effects rather heavily (having become an area of scrutiny due to the effects it had on me), I knew that there were a lot of areas which Dr. Fleiss, intentionally or unintentionally, did not cover in that essay.  The result was that I wrote another essay entitled, "Circumcision:  Much More Dangerous than a Foreskin", which covers the remainder of my body of knowledge of circumcision.

All three essays are posted at www.churchofjesuschrist.net .  The domain name may throw some of you, but I decided to put the essays there because circumcision is a patently unChristian thing to do, and the most unique of the three essays is "Let Him Not Be Circumcised".  You won't find another essay like it on the internet -- there was definitely a need for it, and I have appreciated the 100% positive feedback I have gotten on it (and any future feedback, on this or anything else discussed here).  The other two essays are medically-oriented and, though secular, I believe they complement each other in a critical fashion.  Few topics are as important as protecting our children from abuse, especially irreversible abuse caused by ourselves and done by misguided good intent.  I find it sickening that parents who do not even bother to know their religion fully, make their children the focus of a violent, damaging, invalid, obsolete, and improperly-performed blood ritual/child sacrifice which they do not even bother to be present for.  It is the most unChristian thing I can think of, and this comes from one who has had and understands the Christian mystical experience.  See my two essays at the website above for the origins of routine circumcision in the America -- you'll be shocked, and also shocked to know that female circumcision once happened in America -- pushed by the medical community.

I am currently working on the website, so I won't give specific links to individual essays, but if you go to to the website above, look for "Circumcision" and you will find the essays. If you read 2 out of the 3 essays listed on circumcision, you will know more about circumcision than at least 99.9% of the rest of the world.  Just typing "circumcision" into a search engine will bring up astounding amounts of information about circumcision, nearly 100% against it, by the way, and though I invite you to do that, the amount of information can quickly seem overwhelming.  I decided to organize just a few essays so that people could have a finite yet essentially complete body of knowledge regarding circumcision and its effects in front of them.

These are must-reads for any parents, prospective parents, or anyone who knows or will know prospective parents in the future (that means you) -- parents, grandparents, singles.  Everyone should know, because someday, the topic will be discussed in front of you -- and after reading these essays, you may be the only person who can deliver an authoritative answer on the topic and prevent an unnecessary, unChristian, and painful occurence.  Bottom line, Circumcision Hurts Children.  Help break the cycle, read the essays and share the address.

There may not be more serious thoughts that pass through your mind in coming weeks than the issues presented here in this letter.  And that's why I wrote it.  I hope you got something of lasting value out of this email.  Again, if you would like to be on any upcoming list, please email me. .