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Lecture 1 of Lectures On Faith changed my life. It marked the beginning of my understanding of the meaning of the word "faith". Not just what it is, but what it isn't. Lectures On Faith were essays created with the intent to be part of Latter Day Saint canon. "Hyphenated" Latter-day Saints ("Brighamites") no longer consider Lectures On Faith to be canon, and it has fallen primarily into dis-use among them. Other LDS communities still view them as canonical. I'm endeavoring to bring back awareness to Lectures On Faith among "mainstream" LDS, particularly Lecture 1, due to the positive effect it's had in my life.

Lecture 1 was the first place I got the notion that "Faith" was not blind belief. Faith was, in fact, evidence-based! While I feel my understanding of this concept has expanded a lot since then, and upon re-reading Lecture 1, this concept to me now does not seem so strongly present, it did hit me hard the first time I read it as a teen, probably because the notion that "faith" is different from mere "belief" was an entirely new notion. It was my starting point for my understanding of what I now call "true faith".

Lectures On Faith has been painstakingly edited for modernity and accuracy by Charles D. Tate and Larry E. Dahl. I've reviewed their edits and find them to be contructive, wholesome, and helpful. They've corrected and noted minute errors which have slipped by over the years, and added essential modernization, such as providing chapter and verse of Book of Mormon scriptural quotations, instead of the original page numbers given. Even with the slight modernizing, such as using "Lecture 1" instead of the original "Lecture First", it's a difficult read, especially out loud.

It's been a goal of mine for years to offer Lectures On Faith in a free audio format. The time has arrived, or at least has arrived for "Lecture First" (Lecture 1). I'm happy to announce the availability of Lecture 1, and aim to record and upload all lectures, hopefully within the not-too-distant future. This page edit
will hopefully expand in formats and options, but at the moment is offered in high-fidelity downloadable MP3 format, as well as a lower-fidelity but still very listenable MP3 file for dialup users which is about half the size (5.8 megabytes).

These recordings are free for personal, non-commercial use. They are not open-source, so you may not post or distribute an edited or altered version. Redistribution is acceptable, provided the contents of the recording not be modified from the original. Preferably however, if you wish to offer people this resource, please provide a link to this or some other page at ChurchOfJesusChrist.Net, so long as the content remains posted here.

Lecture 1

Tip: save the file to your computer, by right-clicking over an MP3 link below, and choosing "Save Target As...", and then saving the file somewhere you can find it (like your desktop), then launch the file there. That way, you'll have it permanently, and it'll reduce traffic. If you can't get that to work, you're welcome to click directly on the link, and choose "Open". Streaming options could be forthcoming.

High-quality, optimally compressed MP3 (best for most users)
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Introduction To Lectures On Faith

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Lecture 1
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Medium-quality version for dial-up users

Should take under 20 minutes on a good 56K connection, under 40 minutes on a decent 28.8 connection.
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Introduction to Lectures On Faith for dialup users
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Lecture 1 for dialup users
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